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Bkind Base and Toap Coat Nail Polish Duo

Ce duo de vernis à ongles non toxiques comprend une couche de base et une couche de finition: l’essentiel pour une manucure impeccable qui tiendra la route longtemps.
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The quick-drying nail polish base coat allows you to maintain the natural beauty of your nails without compromising your manicure, while the top coat provides a bright, long-lasting finish.

Most nail polishes sold in pharmacies and supermarkets contain multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful to you. In addition, although we often avoid sharing this information, many nail polishes contain ingredients of animal origin. For example, the bright red pigment of the cochineal insect, or guanine crystals from fish scales or chameleons are sometimes used to add luster and shine to cosmetic products.

Bkind nail polishes are all "10-free", meaning they are free of 10 toxic ingredients normally found in popular nail polishes. They do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, DPB, xylene, parabens, perfumes or animal products. Adopting them in your beauty routine is good for you, the environment and animals!