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Fil & Coton Rainbow Makeup Remover Pads

Set of 4 washable makeup remover pads.

Perfect for sensitive or reactive skin!
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Exceptionally soft makeup remover pads made of 100% cotton. The side with which you remove your makeup is an organic cotton flannel, woven in Montreal. Durable and non-irritating, they can be used with all types of makeup removers (milk, micellar water, oil, etc).

Dimensions: 4" x 4

Care instructions:

After use, rinse with warm or cold water and mild soap, rubbing the flannel parts lightly against each other. Then, when machine washing, do not use fabric softener. It is also recommended to avoid using the dryer, to prevent the softness and absorption of the pad from being compromised. Dry them flat, and reuse them for as long as you like!