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Inca Aromas Palo Santo Incense

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) It is a species of the family of Burseraceae, growing in dry forests throughout much of tropical America off the Pacific coast of South America.
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It is considered a sacred wood mainly for the Inca civilization and the Andean natives of South America.

Unfortunately, fruit of excess and abuse of human greed, these trees have been overexploited. Appreciate it and use it sparingly.

Is for you: if you like woody aromas, sweet and oily, if you are looking for an incense to carry out deep cleansings and an aroma that helps you connect with the ancestral force that accompanies you as a human being.

A natural incense like Palo Santo is made from resins, plants, woods and natural essential oils.

Recommendations for use:

If you want to burn it for less time, you can put it off by gently removing the burning part. Light it back on whenever you want! We recommend ceramic, metal or glass to burn them more safely. Avoid wooden dishes.

Approximate burning time: 90/120 minutes per stick. 9 sticks.

Natural incenses made with organic raw materials, and toxic-free.

Ingredients :

Black charcoal, mixed resin compound made by Inca Aromas, frankincense, coarse salt and crushed wood Palo Santo. Made in Brazil.