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Inca Aromas White Breu Incense

Breu Blanco resin is produced by a tree popularly called Almecegueira (Protium Heptaphyllum), native of the Brazilian Amazon.
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The Amazons of Brazil use it to relieve inflammation in the respiratory tract and headache. In Brazilian folk medicine, therapeutic properties are associated, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Is for you: if you like the woody aroma, fresco, smooth and refreshing, if you feel like your space is emotionally charged, if you want to purify and harmonize your ambient environment.

Recommendations for use:

If you want to burn it for less time, you can turn it off by gently removing the part that is on and turn it on again whenever you want! We recommend ceramic, metal or glass to burn them more safely, avoid wooden censers.

Approximate burning time: 90/120 minutes per stick. 9 sticks.

Natural incenses made with organic raw materials, and toxic-free.

Ingredients :

Black charcoal, mixed resin compound made by Inca Aromas, frankincense, coarse salt and white breu resin. Made in Brazil.