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Flambette 16oz Bubble Bath

Sulfate-free, skin-friendly bubble bath. 16 oz bottle.
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Fragrance 01 - Mint and Rosemary: Sunday morning. You stay in bed and sink a little deeper into your new ultra-soft comforter. It has that comforting smell of fresh laundry, the one your mother used to dry under the June sun and wind. A dream? No. A perfect illusion of mint and rosemary.

Fragrance 05 - Fig and Cypress: Whether you're a survivalist in the woods, a weekend at the cottage or glamping in the Outaouais, you'll be won over by the woody aromas of the very popular fig + cypress. A true olfactory experience that will take you back to those moments of pure happiness in nature. Insect sounds are optional. 

Fragrance 06 - Eucalyptus and Mint: Let's face it, nothing beats the bewitching scent of a man fresh out of the shower. Just the right amount of masculine, this fragrance will easily replace your ex's t-shirt rolled up in a ball under the pillow. Oh but that's just between us. 

Perfume 07 - Pear and Green Tea: If green tea has been known for its many benefits for 5,000 years, we now officially recognize a new virtue: that of marrying divinely with the sweet scent of pear. A combination almost as perfect as Joey & Pacey in Dawson's Creek.

Fragrance 08 - Citrus and Sage: Rumor has it that of all our fragrances, citrus + sage is the favorite. And let's face it, this happy blend of freshly squeezed citrus and soothing herbs has it all. On a scale of zero to OMG, we'd rank it between the invention of dry shampoo and Ryan Gosling's charisma. Whew. 

Perfume 09 - Raspberry and Vanilla: Slightly tart sweet berries backed by deep, rich notes of vanilla... If childhood had a scent, this might be it. And if 50 cents hadn't already ruined the idea, this scent sounds like walking into a Candy Shop. At 8 years old. With five dollars in your pocket.