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Piccolo Seeds Flower Seeds

Beautiful and colourful seed packets, made from sustainable and completely recyclable materials. A fine gift for any kitchen gardener and a contemporary, green-fingered audience.
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Variety: Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile is a perennial, small and creeping plant with daisy-like flowers. The plant has a wonderful, sweet, fruity scent and is commonly used to make herbal infusions for medicinal uses.

Quantity: 700 seeds.

Plant Size: Height 30 cm, Width 20 cm.

Container Size: Height 30 cm, Width 30 cm.

Companion Plant: Cucumbers, bunching onions, basils, lavender.

Variety: Munstead Blue Lavender

Lavender is a perennial flowering plant native to the Mediterranean. Munstead Blue, in particular, is its compact, early blooming, English variety, with bluish-purple flowers above slender, aromatic, grey-green leaves. Its fresh or dried flowers are used to make tea, while the fresh flowers can be crystallized or added to jams, ice cream and vinegars.

Quantity: 200 seeds.

Plant Size: Height 45 cm, Width 60 cm.

Container Size: Height 30 cm, Width 30 cm.

Companion Plant: Thyme, oregano, nepeta, borage, chamomile, nigella.

Variety: Blue and White Flowers Borage Mix

Borage, also known as starflower, is an edible ornamental and medical plant, the praises of which have been sung by some of the most famous herbalists in history. The Blue and White Flowered Mix variety has became a favourite in modern mixology, being used to garnish cocktails.

Quantity: 50 seeds

Plant Size: Height 60 cm, Width 30 cm.

Container Size: Height 30 cm, Width 30 cm.

Companion Plant: Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, strawberries, cucumbers, salads.

Variety: Starfire Marigold Mix

Starfire Mix Marigolds, along with their relatives of the Tagetes genus, are annual plants native to Mexico and Central America, popular for their delicate, tiny, single, golden-to-orange flowers, lacy foliage and dwarf habit. They are hardy and easy to grow – a leading companion plant that repels pests, and their flowers and leaves have a superb citrusy flavour.

Quantity: 300 seeds.

Plant Size: Height 30 cm, Width 30 cm.

Container Size: Height 20 cm, Width 20 cm.

Companion Plant: Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, melons.